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Shalom Christian prince. GBU my our brother. Thank you for your works, we need it. We all know that you are totally committed to the lords work. I just wanted to send you our love and let you know that we miss your company, we were very blessed to learn from you. We hope and pray that you are well a... View More
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They took the vid off youtube? wow. Just the name of the video alone hurts them badly. All the lies that they have told black people when selling islam to them come crashing down. yeah. lets keep hurting them badly with the truth. Thanks Christian prince. GBU big bro.
What idiots! Bet the title alone was enough to send a flurry of "race cards" spinning wildly out of control. It's a shame really, if they had taken the time to absorb the message in the video they might have learned some painful truths about the religion of "peace and tolerance".
August 30, 2011
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Good one christian prince. Thanks.
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Hi Baby, I hope you are well... Just wanted you to know, you are in my thoughts and prayers... GBU Baby! Grin
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